There is some kind of unseen, sacred support that shows up when you commit yourself to something wholeheartedly. This is true for the couples I work with, and of myself as a celebrant. I work closely and collaboratively with couples to create real, meaningful, personal and bespoke ceremonies. I have seen and believe marriage can strengthen a relationship in all its best qualities, and a wedding ceremony provides the ideal gateway to that journey. 

I love being around people, understanding who they are and what makes couples choose each other. Over the years, I have thought a lot about the significance of marriage and partnerships in shaping our identities, and how our relationship dynamics are a reflection of what we most need to learn. I bring this insight to my role as a celebrant, and treat it with the respect that the institution of marriage has earned in our society.

It's an absolute pleasure to create lighthearted, engaging, and resonant ceremonies that feel just right. 

I can't wait to meet you. 

Pip is one of the most grounded and compassionate people you will meet. To me, her commitment to the institution of marriage is most apparent in her deep respect for other people’s personal journeys. I know many people who are non-judgmental. I don’t know anyone like Pip, who lets others be themselves with such ease, grace and acceptance. She understands people and the complexity of our relationships and interactions. This is what makes her a great social worker and an exceptional marriage celebrant.
— Kirsten Wenban, childhood friend