Let's Meet

The first step is usually meeting up with the couple - obligation free - so I can get a sense for the kind of ceremony you would like. I take you through the steps involved, both legal and with the ceremony planning, and you can ask any questions you might have about how it all works. 


If you feel that I’m the right celebrant for you, I will send you a Booking Form and an invoice to pay the deposit, which secures your booking. I will send you two Ceremony Resources, one that covers the legalities, and one that helps with ceremony planning. We will then work together to prepare a bespoke ceremony that feels just like you. We’ll maintain contact as the ceremony begins to take shape.

Planning Catch Up

I will start pulling the ceremony together, after getting to know you both and having a sense for the kind of ceremony that would feel good to you both. We will meet up again and complete an important legal document, The Notice of Intended Marriage. This is a good time to make sure that you are happy with the ceremony so far. From here, we will continue to keep in touch and put the finishing touches on your ceremony.


Close to the wedding day, we will rehearse at either the venue or another suitable location. The idea of the rehearsal is to give everyone involved a sense of how the ceremony will take place on the day. We take into consideration seating, timing, positioning of the bridal party, the signing table, music, and weather. It's helpful in giving everyone peace of mind, so the ceremony can really be enjoyed on the day. 


On the day of your ceremony, I will be at the venue early to get everything ready. I will work with the venue staff, family and friends to make sure your guests feel welcomed and that the wireless PA is nice and clear so that everyone can hear. Once you arrive, it's all about being present, walking down the aisle, and soaking in every moment. The ceremony will be beautifully crafted and totally unique to you as a couple. The best part ... you will finish the ceremony as husband and wife!